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eposition because he was only told about the episode last Friday.Jim▓ Jordan, an Ohio Republican,▓ used his questioning opportunity to cha▓llenge the accuracy of Taylor'▓s testimony as the dip▓lomat's narration o▓f events was mostly based ▓on second-hand information. Citing the testimo▓n


elensky that has be▓en at t


y from Sondland, the EU ambassador, Jordan said to ▓Taylor: "We've got six ▓people having four conversations in one sentence and you told me this is where you got your clear understanding.""It's a witch hunt, it's a hoax," Trump▓ said Wednesday afternoo▓n, repeating the characteriza▓tion of the public hearing he▓ used recently. "I'm too busy to watch it. So, I'm su▓re I'll get a report," he told reporters in a meeting with Turkish P▓resident Recep Tayyip Erdogan ▓at the White House.White House Press Secret▓ary Stephanie Grisham said earlier in the day ▓Trump was not wat▓ching the hearing and wa▓s instead having meetings Wednesd


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said. "Ambass


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ay mo▓rning. Yet, the president was constantly tweeting and retweet▓ing about what was h

d told Presi

appenin▓g on Capitol Hill.Trump's tweets include video cli▓ps of the hearing as well as critical comments from Re▓publicans. In two separate morning tweets, t▓he president called the two witnesses "NEVER TRUMPER▓S" and urged impeachm

e forward."Tay


ent investigators to "RE

AD THE TRANSCRIPT" of hi▓s call with Zelensky that ha▓s been released by the White House.G▓risham said on Twitter▓ the witnesses "c▓an't

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